What is the Quarterly Forum?

The AAIA Quarterly Forum is an exclusive member benefit and provides you the opportunity to ask, share, and learn in an interactive virtual platform.

The format of the Zoom meeting follows an agenda, but allows for deviations from the agenda when hot topics arise. If you have attended an AAIA Annual Conference, you should be familiar with the ever popular Group Share session. The Quarterly Forum is a similar format and allows for open discussion. 

The Quarterly Forum evolved from a bi-monthly conference call to discuss airport construction auditing topics. Over time, other topics were added to the call.  Attendees learned about the conference calls during an annual conference or by word of mouth.

With the launch of the new and improved website, and the ability to interface using Zoom, we want to ensure that all of our members have the opportunity to join the discussion.

AAIA Quarterly Forum - Now Eligible for CPE!

Would you like to talk and interact with fellow members while earning NASBA approved free CPE credits?

Topics discussed since launching the Quarterly Forum in December 2020 include:

  • How to navigate through COVID 19.
  • Compliance with CARES, ARP, and CRRSA Acts.
  • Assessing on-going risks during the pandemic.
  • Communicating with stakeholders.

Next Forum Call:


September 22, 2021

11:00 a.m. EST

Webinar Registration emails were sent September 15th.

Questions? Contact info@airport-auditors.com

How Do I Join the Call?

Members are sent an email invitation to register for the Quarterly Forum call a couple of weeks before it is scheduled. 

If you don't receive an invitation and would like to join, contact: info@airport-auditors.com.

How Can I Add a Topic? 

Go to the Members-Only page and it will provide a link to add your topic, question, audit report, or whatever you would like to share with the membership.


Members-Only can access agendas, presentation slides, and call summaries by going to the Conferences & Events drop down menu and selecting: AAIA QUARTERLY FORUM - MEMBERS-ONLY.

NASBA Approved CPE Credit

In addition to interacting with fellow Airport Internal Auditors, members can earn NASBA approved CPE Credit - for free!

Attendees of the Quarterly Forum need to register at least 30 minutes before the call, attend for a minimum amount of time and answer polling questions to earn CPE Credit.

What is the Forum?  How is it different from the Quarterly Forum?

The Forum is an online message board, where members-only can post questions, answer surveys, and exchange ideas with over 200 registrants.

It allows you the flexibility of posting to the website around your schedule and immediate needs.  It also provides a legacy of information that can be referenced going forward.

Both the Quarterly Forum call and Forum online message board are for members-only.

NOTE:  Postings to the Forum online message board are NOT eligible for CPE credits.