Association of Airport Internal Auditors

Association of Airport Internal Auditors

About the Membership

AAIA membership is drawn from auditing/accounting/financial units working directly for airports and governmental bodies with airport oversight responsibilities. Since 1989 we have grown to encompass members from over 140 organizations from the United States, Barbados, Canada, China, Dubai, Greece, Kenya, Norway, Sierra Leone, Singapore, St. Maarten, Uganda, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Membership in AAIA provides:

  • A network for sharing ideas and information (Membership Directory)
  • Database of airport audit programs and reports.
  • Subscription to AAIA member electronic network.
  • Newsletter which includes articles on audit approaches, findings, and member news.
  • Attendance at our annual "CONFERENCE ON CURRENT ISSUES" at a reduced rate.

Past AAIA conferences have addressed topics beneficial to association members and management such as:

  • On/Off Airport Rental Car Operations
  • Parking Systems
  • Construction Auditing
  • Property Management
  • Fraud
  • Passenger Facility Charges
  • Landing Fees
  • Internal Audit Reports

Conference attendees have been able to implement ideas learned and many report favorable revenue results. See our conference and meeting page for upcoming events.

Classes of Membership

Group membership is open to (A) public airports or (B) public or private organizations that have oversight of an entire public airport.

$125.00 per year* (plus one time $25.00 application fee)

Associate membership is open to audit organizations actively engaged in the auditing of public airports under the direction of an AAIA Group Member and thereby have a business or professional interest in airports and aviation but do not qualify for Group Membership. Applicants must have an AAIA Group Member in good standing as a sponsor to qualify for Associate Membership and furnish their sponsor airport's name for verification upon application for membership. Associate Members are non-airport, non-airport oversight organizations or individuals actively engaged in the auditing of public airports.

$200.00 per year* (plus one time $25.00 application fee)

Join the AAIA! Enhance your professional development, make professional contacts, and gain more insight into airport internal auditing.


*Prorated by calender quarter

Who are we?

Learn more about the Association of Airport Internal Auditors here.

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the Association definitely has its benefits, from industry-leading support to the member forum. There are different levels of membership. Click here for more information.

Useful Links

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