What is the Forum?

Historically, it was the scene of pubic meetings, law courts, and gladiatorial combats.  It was lined with shops and open-air markets and founded in ancient Rome in 500 B.C.

What does Forum Mean?

According to the Oxford dictionary:

"A place, meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged."

The AAIA's Forum is a medium for airport auditors to exchange ideas and views with other professionals.

What is the AAIA Forum?

The AAIA Forum is an exclusive member benefit, that gives members access to an online message board.  Using this discussion site, members can ask questions, send surveys, and request information about a variety of topics, such as:

  • Parking and Revenue Control Systems (PARCs)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs (DBEs)
  • Rental Automobile Companies (RACs)
  • Professional Service Agreements (PSAs)

and so much more, from the entire membership.

With over 200 registered members, members have contacts with expertise and experience to get answers to questions and challenges.

The  AAIA's Forum uses technology and collaboration to make us more effective and efficient.  It also provides a legacy of information that is carried forward.

For Members-Only, here is link to the FORUM message board.

What is Virtual Roundtable?

Instead of using the online message board, attendees can interact with other members using video conferencing on a call scheduled semi-annually.   You can learn more with this link:  VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE.

In addition to a lively discussion format, attendees can earn free NASBA approved CPE credits.