The Bylaws are reviewed periodically by the Governance Committee and updated as needed.  Recommendations are then presented to the Board of Directors.  Once accepted by the Board, they are presented to Airport Memberships for a vote to accept or deny the amended Bylaws. 

In the past, votes were cast during the Annual Conference; however, with the new website platform, the AAIA is able to send an electronic ballot.

In May 2021, the Governance Committee proposed several recommendations to update the Bylaws to the Board.  The recommendations allow the Bylaws to adapt to changes in technology, modified membership status, and improved clarity.  Primary Registrants (or Main Contacts) were sent an electronic ballot to vote on July 6, 2021, and were given until August 5th to submit their recommendation.

The amended bylaws were approved on August 6, 2021:  CURRENT BYLAWS.

Who is the Main Contact at my Organization?

Not sure who is the Main Contact is for your Organization?  Here is a list that is also found under Quick Reports:  MAIN AIRPORT MEMBER CONTACT.

Why do they get to vote?

Because the Bylaws stipulate that only Airport Members can vote.  Each airport is provided only one vote.  When registering for membership, the airport designates a main contact to vote on such matters.

Want to Learn More about the Amended Bylaws?

Click HERE for a description of the major revisions. 

See below to review the:

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Why Do Members Need to Approve Amendments?

The Bylaws have always required membership approval.  According to the current Bylaws:

AMENDMENTS. These Bylaws may be altered or amended at any regular or special meeting of the Membership of the Association by two-thirds vote of the Membership present, as defined in Article III, Section 7.

The Board of Directors may propose an amendment to the Bylaws at any other time and the vote thereon may be taken by ballot. To take a vote upon any proposed amendment to the Bylaws by ballot, the Secretary shall mail (or email) each primary Registrant, as described in Article III, Section 5, at their last known address, a copy of the proposed amendment with a ballot in suitable form.

Members desiring to vote shall use the ballot forwarded by the Secretary and shall indicate thereon their approval or disapproval of the proposed amendment. Each Member shall have thirty days within which to return the ballot.

Upon expiration of the thirty days, the President and Secretary shall canvass the ballot and record the vote. If the proposed amendment shall receive two-thirds of the vote cast by the Members, provided that at least twenty-five (25) votes are received in favor of the proposed amendment, the amendment shall be deemed to have been adopted.

Otherwise, it shall be deemed to have been rejected. The Secretary shall announce the result of any ballot by sending said notice by mail, email, or other technological means; and shall insert such result in the minutes as of the date on which the ballot was canvassed.