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Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. EST

Many thanks to City of San Antonio's Aviation Department for presenting this Member's-Only Webinar

What was it about?

This webinar provided an overview of contract compliance and covered the contract owner's role in the contract administration process; it described the framework to develop an effective Contract Administration Plan (CAP); discussed why planning, monitoring and proactive oversight of contract performance is critical; and, the types of CAP reviews that can be performed.

When, Where, How?

The webinar was held on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. EDT .  Members were sent invitations to register for the event March 23, 2022.  

Why Contract Management?

Airport operators are responsible for developing and managing a wide variety of aeronautical and non-aeronautical agreements. 

These include, but are not limited to:

  • agreements for airport use (both airline and non-airline);                                                                      
  • design and construction;
  • commercial development and operations
  • intergovernmental relations;
  • real estate, maintenance and operation of buildings and grounds;
  • utilities;

  • administrative services;
  • military use;
  • airport through-the-fence operations
  • common-use facilities;
  • ground transportation;
  • and concessions for a variety of passenger services (i.e., retail/food/beverage, rental car, and parking).

In addition, with the constantly changing environment in the airline industry, airports are becoming more responsible for services and programs that were traditionally the responsibility of the airlines.

Learning Objectives

  • Contracting Compliance Overview
  • Learn about the Contract Owner's role in Contract Administration
  • Understand Monitoring Documentation Requirements
  • Understand the Critical Nature of Planning, Monitoring, and Proactive Contract Oversight
  • Understand and Develop an effective Contract Administration Plan (CAP)
  • Learn about the Types of Compliance, CAP Reviews, and Phase I Overall Results

Meet the Speakers

Derreck Dixson, Compliance Lead Analyst, San Antonio Department of Aviation

Derreck Dixson has been with the San Antonio Airport since 2020.  He has performed several types of compliance reviews such as Contracts, P-Cards, Cash Controls, and Military Parking Validations.  Also, he has led meetings for the Contract Owners Group Forum on contract administration processes and monitoring.  

Prior to joining the airport compliance team, Derreck was with the City's Finance Compliance Department for 5 1/2 years, where he coordinated with accounting staff and other departments' compliance and resolution issues.  His duties included leading multiple compliance and resolution projects such as Hotel Occupancy Tax and Short-Term Rentals, ensure compliance with the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission for Liquor Licenses and Permits, and renewing Credit Access Business licenses.

Marcel Lemelle, Compliance Senior Analyst

Marcel Lemelle has been with the City of San Antonio Aviation Department since 2020.  As a Compliance Senior Analyst, he has performed compliance of Cash Control reviews and Contract Administration Plan (CAP) reviews.  Additionally, Marcel has created a prior review database and a centralized Aviation Contract listing.

Marcel began as a Contract Officer with the Aviation Planning & Administration Division.  He assisted in coordinating, monitoring, and analyzing Professional Service Agreements and Construction contracts for the Aviation Department.  Previously, he worked in the private sector for a professional engineering firm as an accounting specialist, preparing project budget reports, invoices, and reconciliation spreadsheets for numerous engineering and survey projects.

Evelyn Graham, Management Analyst, San Antonio Department of Aviation

Evelyn Graham has been with the City of Antonio since 2016 working directly with managing contract compliance.  Between the Aviation and Convention and Sports Facilities Departments, she has been in charge of 150 contracts.  This includes being the primary contract owner in charge of performing several types of compliance monitoring such as insurance and bond review, invoicing, meeting management, etc.

Throughout her time at the Convention and Sports Facilities, Evelyn was the main point of contact during the audit of 10 of the  "High Profile Contracts" as the primary contract owner.  All were successfully completed with no findings.

She was part of the Contract Administration Plan (CAP) creation and testing team as the City developed its standardized internal auditing practices.  She has lead several trainings on policies and practices.

NASBA Approved CPE Credit

In addition to learning about contract management,  participants can earn NASBA approved CPE Credits - for free!

Participants needed to register at least 30 minutes before the call, attend for a minimum of 50 minutes, and answer 3 of the 4 polling questions to earn 1 NASBA approved CPE credit.