2021 Officers and Directors


President Laura Tatem

Vice President Tianna Dumond

Secretary Angela Johnson

Treasurer Mike Gee

Past President Wayne Robinson


Tampa International Airport

Orlando International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport


Alissa Bowles

Omar Costa

Tammy May

Marilou Parayaoan

Usha Yarlagadda

CPE Coordinator Janice Mirarchi

IT Coordinator Paula Murphy


Jacksonville International Airport

Southwest Florida International Airport

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Reagan and Dulles International Airports

Denver International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport

Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Open Positions:

1 Director position open.

You can learn more on the How to be a Part of the Leadership Team webpage or you can complete this BOARD APPLICATION.

When a Board Application is completed, it will be sent to the Nominating Committee, who will present it at an upcoming Board meeting.  You can direct questions to AAIANominating@airport-auditors.com or to info@airport-auditors.com.

2021 Committee Members

Executive Committee:

Laura Tatem, Chair

Tianna Dumond

Angela Johnson

Mike Gee

Wayne Robinson

Nominating Committee:

Wayne Robinson, Chair

Omar Costa

Janice Mirarchi

Governance Committee:

Tianna Dumond, Chair

Alissa Bowles

Pat Dalton

Laura Tatem


Pat Dalton

Membership Committee:

Omar Costa, Chair

Alissa Bowles

Angela Johnson

Janice Mirarchi

Paula Murphy

Marilou Parayaoan

Steering Committee:

Pat Dalton

Wayne Robinson


Communications Committee:

Usha Yarlagadda, Chair

Angela Johnson

Meenaxi Rajput

Callie Ullman

Conference Committee:

Laura Tatem, Chair

Tianna Dumond

Mike Gee

Janice Mirarchi

Callie Ullman

Information Technology Committee:

Paula Murphy, Chair

Tammy May

Usha Yarlagadda

Continuing Professional Development:

Janice Mirarchi, Chair

Mike Gee

Tammy May

For members interested in serving on a committee, please visit the How to be a Part of the Leadership Team  webpage to learn more.

All AAIA Committees, with the exception of Steering and Auditor, shall be chaired by an AAIA Board Officer or Director. This will provide effective oversight and facilitate reporting and communication with the Board.

Committee Descriptions

Executive Committee:  Consists of the President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Committee acts for the Board of Directors in approval of applications for membership, reclassifying or classifying members or upon any business of the Association of an emergency nature or requiring prompt action of the Board. The actions of this Committee will be presented to the Board of Directors for ratification.

Nominating Committee:  Consists of three members appointed by the President. The Committee is responsible for submitting the names of nominees for Officer and Director positions for a vote at the annual business meeting of the members.

Steering Committee:  Consists of one or more members appointed by the President. The Committee provides overall guidance to the President and provides resources to assist with implementation of AAIA philosophy. The Committee shall work closely with the President.

Continuing Professional Development: Consists of one member or a committee appointed by the President.  It maintains records to support the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) requirements (for CPE credits) and coordinates with the Conference Chairperson and the President to assure compliance.

Membership Committee: Consists of two or more members appointed by the President. The Committee actively recruits new members, and reports membership information to the Board of Directors.

Governance Committee: Consists of two or more members appointed by the President. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the Association Bylaws and Policies, as well as reviewing Officer, Director, and Committee roles and responsibilities.

Communications Committee: Consists of two or more members appointed by the President. The Committee is responsible for dissemination of information to all members of the Association. The Committee will help develop content for email communications and LinkedIn communications.

Conference Committee: Consists of the current year conference chair, prior year conference chair, Vice President, Treasurer, CPE Coordinator, and others as appointed by the President. The Committee is responsible for the overall coordination and execution of the Annual Conference.

Information Technology Committee: Consists of two or more members appointed by the President. The Committee provides input and guidance related to technology advancements of the Association. This Committee is responsible for website updates, forum moderation, and website administration.

Auditor:  This is one person appointed by the President. This person will review the Association's revenue and expenses and will report their findings to the membership at the annual business meeting of the members.

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